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1  General Category / Shopping at Guitar Center Sucks / Re: The End of Guitar Center on: June 29, 2017, 08:59:47 PM
OMG guize all the GCs are closing!!! Oh wait....
2  General Category / Shopping at Guitar Center Sucks / Re: Notes from a former employee on: June 29, 2017, 08:58:44 PM
Hey FrankEDJ

Thank you for your single input that absolutely had no impact on Matthias's post. You kind of sound like Donald Trump when he rambles about **** he knows nothing about. Being ignorant and spouting off just puts a target on your back... If you going to attack something after having the bullet points buzz over your head... Make it worth it. All I read was:

1. I hate guitar center. I even have statistics on why a customer walks into Guitar Center, but I can't tell you the term because its a secret.
2. Guitar Center employees suck, so I know must more than them.
3. Small stores know more cuz I said so
4. Beings that I know everything, I don't need to worry about displaying credible information, it simply means you have to listen to me.
5. My grammar is sucks and thus continues to entertain those reading my comments cuz I hate Guitar Center.
6. Bro 5 years of experience isn't enough. And I know this because I have no experience in this industry, or have had very poor training in it so you must listen to me.

Here's the Deal Frank. You are an asshole. Get a life. You obviously do not understand the inner working of this industry, or even business in general. Poor uneducated guy who thinks he's right... The more intelligent person, like myself, just feels bad for you. You forgot to get off of the trailor park bus at the corner of maturity and intllectual curiousity.

Guitar Center is successful, and you can't stop it. Keep grinding your teeth. My job was fun as hell. I woke up everyday and I did'nt want to kill myself, as you obviously do with infatuation of things you have zero control over... Here this dude is talking about how GC affected his life positively...He's humanizing with this vast group... but then... oh look its Frank. He's going to say some off point **** right now and be too simple minded to see what the OP is truly trying to say. Go do something that doesn't suck and learn how to not say stupid ass ****. I hope this helps Frank! Really, learn from it. Or don't, I wouldn't mind laughing at your proud ignorance again...  I am sure you suck just as badly in real life. Let's talk about how we can make you an adult over some French Roast. I'm here to help.
3  General Category / Music Is Cool..... / Re: Gibson makes sure that Epi's are below them on: June 24, 2016, 06:51:32 PM matter what the USA made products will always hold to a higher standard. Chinese hardware is cheap....the wood is cheap...the electronics are cheap.... they're just the cheapest, which is why more companies mass produce there. I've picked up some Epis that really surprised me....and it did just that. Why did it surprise me? Because usually the don't feel anywhere near as good as the fathers - Gibson. However, I have also picked up some LPs that straight up annoyed me with finish flaws and poor fret jobs/neck issues. If you're buying a Gibson that should never happen.

No one is trying to make you look like a fool, Lol. Higher price, higher height. I mean, do you want everyone touching the LP Standard you're shelling out 3k for? Thats whay I put the Gibsons high. Let finger traffic.
4  General Category / Working At Guitar Center Sucks / "Merit-based Raises" on: June 24, 2016, 12:51:19 AM
Hey all

For those associates, how did your store handle the "merit-based raises" opposed to the raise off of our earnings like they originally stated at the beginning of phase 3? The integrity of this company has completely gone down the ****ter. You say I'm getting one thing....then change your mind last minute? I am top in sales at my store, and got the maximum "merit-based raise". I made the company 688,245 in 2015, and only hit 3% commission in 2 of those 12 months. My merit-based raise was 52 cents. FIFTY-TWO CENTS. I am so sick of them going back on their word. I am about to open up he Union threat wound. Two other stores in my district have already taken these measures. Is it time? I love my store, but hate corporate. I'm a vet from the 2005-2009 era....rehired in June 2013.

Anyone struggling with these exact isues? Any advice and someone to vent to would be great.
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