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1  General Category / Shopping at Guitar Center Sucks / Online Purchase + In-store Pickup = Confused Stoner on: February 21, 2017, 08:25:35 AM
So one day while killing some time at my local guitar center, I laid eyes upon a Gretsch Streamliner Jr. It's a pretty little semi-hollow guitar and I fell in love with it the second I saw it. After some heavy consideration on the matter I decided not to buy it because I didn't want to be short on cash - gotta pay the bills, after all. A few days later, I saw the guitar on the guitar center website, along with their advert at the top trying to get me to sign up for their Gear Card (their branded credit card). The ad said that, if approved, I could use the card to make a purchase that same day! So I filled out the application, got approved, and bought my dream guitar of the month. During checkout, I selected in-store pickup as the website said the item was in stock. Upon completing the order, I received instructions that I would receive a number of emails detailing when my local guitar center received the order, and another when the order was "processed" (i.e. ready to pick up) . Several hours later I receive exactly zero emails.

I decide that since they're going to close in a couple of hours, I should drive up to the store and get this straightened out, so I do. I get there, and there are exactly two employees working that day, one of whom is on a smoke break. The lad behind the counter looked like he just walked out of a Phish concert, so I knew I was in for a perspiration-heavy conversation. I told him that I placed an online order, and selected in-store pickup. He first told me that they didn't have the item in stock. I pointed at the guitar hanging on the wall - "That's it" I said. He says "Oh, I guess we do have it in stock. But with online orders, they have to ship the guitar to us first, and then you can pick it up when we get it in." I replied "But it's right there. I paid for the guitar and it's hanging right there. Also, your website said 'available today!' (I verbally included the explanation point) - why would your website say that, if standard operating procedure is that one must wait for the item to be shipped to the store?". He seemed perplexed at my logic, so he told me he would go ask the assistant manager who was (still) on his smoke break. Minutes go by, he comes back in and tells me he'll cancel my transaction, refund the money, and then I can just pay with the card. I told him that I didn't have a card - I applied for a gear card ~today~ and haven't got the physical card in the mail. He then told me that I can't buy things off the website without the card. I showed him my receipt that I received via email telling me the transaction went through. He said he needed to talk to the manager again. More minutes went by. He came back in and told me that the reason my order hadn't been processed in their store was because I just got approved for the card, and that new approvals have a waiting period before any purchases can be processed. I told him that the website said same-day pickup. He said, "Just wait until tomorrow. Call first and ask for 'processing'. That will get you to the people you need to talk to." I said "ok" and went home.

Tomorrow (Sunday):  I know, or assume, that guitar center has reduced hours on Sunday, so as soon as I get up and get ready, I give them a call. The guy picks up, and I say "I need to speak to someone in processing". They guy responds that he has no idea what processing is, and asks what I need. I then proceed to recount how guitar center wasted my Saturday, and that I paid for a guitar that guitar center just won't ****ing give me because it needs to be "processed". He says that there isn't a processing department - that is something that the manager does, and the manager called in sick that day. I then drove up there, quite angry. When I got there, I told him that If I didn't leave with my guitar I was going to cancel my order. He finally gave me the guitar from their back-room inventory and told me that he would just have the manager "process" the guitar after the fact whenever the guy decided to show up for work. If I would have just ordered the damn guitar from Amazon it would have only taken one extra day to receive it, and I wouldn't have had to go through all the bull****. Guitar Center sucks! Stay tuned for a second horror story that I've been saving up.
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