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 on: March 10, 2018, 09:56:09 PM 
Started by charlieb - Last post by charlieb
Well, here goes, and I'm glad I found this site.

Me: about 60 years young.  That's right, an old fart, but... I still play my guitars!

Guitar Center:  a band of idiots

So here's what went down...

I went to GC, looking for an SG, or Les Paul... not top of the line, just a player for me right now, since I lost a lot of items to the ex.

Ended up playing a LP Tribuite, it was ok, but I can do all my setups and minor fixes myself (aka nut slots, soldering, etc etc). 

Here's where the fun started. 

They were having a sale - got the Tribute for $749 - a good price, yeah, I know, don't complain

So at the point of sale, the sales dweeb says "give me a second, I'll be back with the right gig bag and paperwork"... and he takes the guitar to the back someplace.  A few minutes later, he comes out, with a guitar in a gig bag, opens the bag on the counter for me to have a look.  Then he says, wait that switch tip isn't right... takes it off, goes to the wall, grabs another and installs it. 

I'm like WTF?  He said it was cracked (BS), but wouldn't show me.   I didn't make a big deal out of it.  I should have.

So I get home, play the guitar... somethings not right. 

Switched 'em in the back!  The guitar I got was obviously not right.  The pickup covers were dented, and when I tried to adjust a pole piece, found out they had been unsoldered and replaced by just pressing them in place.  In fact.... they were not Gibson covers, but Epi (or far east) covers that didn't match the pole spacing.  Strings were not a correct set either, something like .010, .010, .012, .026, .036, .036 ... two doubled up sizes, one oddball size.

Checked the bill - he did it after the switch, the serial number was correct.   

So, I go back to the store, and say "this aint right", and lo... the guitar I played, and  remembered the two swirls in the wood by... up on the wall.

I complain.  No good, the guitar I'm bringing back is not right, its been altered.  I get the person who said "they could speak for the manager", same story.

Well.... I left pissed, was gonna contact my card company in the AM.   

The next day, I get a call... the case I ordered was in.  I ordered a Gator hard shell for the guitar.  It came in.  Since it was paid for, I went down and picked it up. 

As it goes, there were TWO gator cases, in a master box.  The sales dweeb gets "my box".  I open it while he's busy, two cases.  Hmm.  I closed the box.  He says "we're all set".   I left the store.

Anyone want a brand new Gator case?

So sitting down, I asked myself, how bad is this really.

The guitar had the wrong tailpiece (chrome, with nickel adjusters), wrong bridge (ABR-1 that somehow was on Nashville thimble adjusters), and the wrong bs covers.  Went back to GC, as a glutton for punishment... asked about covers.  See the tech.  I go to the tech.  He hands me two chrome covers for Epi.  I told him... no, Nickel for USA spacing 490R/490T.   Tech says... "they all fit".  No, I explain I want nickel, not chrome and USA spacing.  Tech says... "nickel is really hard to get, we had to take a set off a guitar on the wall last week".   Mystery solved.

So then as I ask him, "you took the tailpiece too", and his reply - was that you who wanted the nickel parts?

I walked out.

Ended up getting parts - at a discount without asking - from Sam Ash locally.  And the dweebs are a bit less dweebie, more professional, or at least seemingly more caring about my desires as a customer.  So, I got a extra case (screw you GC, like you screwed me!).  Had to spend half the price of the free case to get the correct parts.  Strings are a wash anyway, and I did get the obligatory "free set" with the guitar.

And the LP plays great now, looks great too with the right parts on it.

I'm not too upset about the deal, I could have backed out via card company.  Its a good guitar. 

ITS THE BS TACTICS, THE BLATENT LIES, THE "SCREW THE CUSTOMER" attitude and actions that have me never, ever, going back to GC.

I wouldn't buy a pick from 'em (hey I play with my fingers anyway!)

 on: February 20, 2018, 07:50:31 PM 
Started by cutlass - Last post by cutlass
OH. My. Guard, this company is so hosed up.1. Ordered an Alesis Nitro drum set (Drums, rack, headphones, throne and drum sticks) on 12/19/2017. Did not notice the item would not be available until 1/23/2018. Finally noticed when it would be available. Ok, thats on me. So called up around 19 Jan, as the available date showed that it was available. Now, order tracking showed order was made, and accepted. (BTW, their website sucks when it comes to after they get your money.   Shocked Shocked  Shocked...more on that later.) Anyhow, I called and much to my surprise, they saw my order, and after much looking etc, they found out that the reason they hadn't shipped my bunder was that the pair of drumsticks wasn't at the warehouse yet. More on hold time Roll Eyes and the CSR said that he got the warehouse to ship the set anyway, and it would go out that day or the next. Ok, fine. 7 days later (Not having faith in the 3 day express shipping that they said they gave me) no drums Shocked . Called up. Checking this and that, all while I am on hold. Undecided This time its some variation on left hand not speaking to right. finally get to 'Mr H, found issue, going out today or tomorrow' This all around 5 feb. GUESS WHAT!?!?!?!? Shocked Still a problem, and its on back order...AGAIN. And they cannot explain why I can go on ebay and the same.exact.set will ship  Cheesy TODAY!!!. and GC cannot find its ass with both hands. Called today and finally find out the problem. a. the order their system.  Roll Eyes To make it worse, for reasons they cannot figure out, or won't share with me, they don't know WHY it didn't let them or me know that there was an issue (oh, and as far as emails go, it appears that they DON'T have a problem sending me at least one email per day advertising one thing or another  Shocked ) and WHY did my order get 'stuck'? Well, apparently they don't know how to bill paypal. Paypal never sent me anything saying that there was an issue. GC never sent me an email saying there was an issue. I guess Im supposed to ESP the computer to know whats going on. GC, apparently, doesn't seem to know. So, canxd the order, went on ebay, got same system,cheaper, better warrenty, and they said it'll be here friday. And I got an email later on that said it shipped.

One thing I want to make clear. The CSRs were all uniformly polite, and seemed to do everything they could to fix the issue. It wasn't until I forced the issue to management that I found out what the problem really was.

 on: February 10, 2018, 06:09:08 AM 
Started by Zack M - Last post by SalesAss
That's weird...  My new Gibsons and my Gretsch all use that truss tool.   I got one with each of those guitars.   I'd suggest looking for a local shop that does repair/setups... they are bound to have one.

 on: January 18, 2018, 09:18:14 AM 
Started by Zack M - Last post by Zack M
According to the parts counter at my closest Guitar Center they donít carry a 5/16 truss rod tool for Gibson, nor can I get one on line from them...Yes, they are a Gibson dealer, yes they sell guitars for a living, no, they donít have truss rod wrenches available. Either someone needs to be fired for being incompetent or Guitar Center deserves its eminent demise....Isnít a wrench part of the Gibson case candy? Donít they have 50 Gibsons on the wall? Unbelievable. Why do I even bother with them? Complete waste of time!

 on: November 02, 2017, 10:50:34 AM 
Started by SalesAss - Last post by Rubino
I don't get deals at indie stores nor do I want them, honestly. I'm happy to support them.

 on: July 26, 2017, 07:08:04 PM 
Started by mummianid - Last post by mummianid
Hello everyone,                                                                                                                                                                                             I have recently been considering working  for guitar center as a teacher. I was wondering if anyone on this board has any experience teaching there that could provide input . I am specifically interested in the employee experience and pay.                                                                                                                                                                                                     Thank you for your time

 on: July 07, 2017, 08:12:54 AM 
Started by maceman.maceman - Last post by Livsey
So.... Any update? Its now the Farfetch coupons here second quarter. Any new news?

Still around, let's hope not for long.

 on: June 29, 2017, 08:59:47 PM 
Started by maceman.maceman - Last post by Ladygrim
OMG guize all the GCs are closing!!! Oh wait....

 on: June 29, 2017, 08:58:44 PM 
Started by Matthias1730 - Last post by Ladygrim
Hey FrankEDJ

Thank you for your single input that absolutely had no impact on Matthias's post. You kind of sound like Donald Trump when he rambles about **** he knows nothing about. Being ignorant and spouting off just puts a target on your back... If you going to attack something after having the bullet points buzz over your head... Make it worth it. All I read was:

1. I hate guitar center. I even have statistics on why a customer walks into Guitar Center, but I can't tell you the term because its a secret.
2. Guitar Center employees suck, so I know must more than them.
3. Small stores know more cuz I said so
4. Beings that I know everything, I don't need to worry about displaying credible information, it simply means you have to listen to me.
5. My grammar is sucks and thus continues to entertain those reading my comments cuz I hate Guitar Center.
6. Bro 5 years of experience isn't enough. And I know this because I have no experience in this industry, or have had very poor training in it so you must listen to me.

Here's the Deal Frank. You are an asshole. Get a life. You obviously do not understand the inner working of this industry, or even business in general. Poor uneducated guy who thinks he's right... The more intelligent person, like myself, just feels bad for you. You forgot to get off of the trailor park bus at the corner of maturity and intllectual curiousity.

Guitar Center is successful, and you can't stop it. Keep grinding your teeth. My job was fun as hell. I woke up everyday and I did'nt want to kill myself, as you obviously do with infatuation of things you have zero control over... Here this dude is talking about how GC affected his life positively...He's humanizing with this vast group... but then... oh look its Frank. He's going to say some off point **** right now and be too simple minded to see what the OP is truly trying to say. Go do something that doesn't suck and learn how to not say stupid ass ****. I hope this helps Frank! Really, learn from it. Or don't, I wouldn't mind laughing at your proud ignorance again...  I am sure you suck just as badly in real life. Let's talk about how we can make you an adult over some French Roast. I'm here to help.

 on: February 22, 2017, 05:02:31 AM 
Started by SalesAss - Last post by SalesAss
Go ahead and voice your opinion.

Thanks to everyone who keeps this board going.  It's almost 10 years old!

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