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Author Topic: A fun indie store story...  (Read 2684 times)
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« on: September 13, 2011, 09:05:48 AM »

I thought this was a fun story......  I know the store owner, and we jest each other... so that makes it all the more fun.   Just to keep him out of trouble, I'll call him  X.

SalesAss:  Hey X...   I need to get a distortion pedal for a set I play in 2 days...  Any suggestions....

X:  I've got these 3....

SalesAss:  Any one better than the other?

X:  They all make a bunch of noise...  that's what they're supposed to do.   I spent 30 years trying to find an amp that DIDN'T sound like that, and now it's considered a "cool sound".   Here,  try them out and you tell me which one sounds bad enough that you want it.

SalesAss: Nice...   

X:  (Tunes up a guitar and warms up an amp)

I ended up finding one that would fit the need.

X: pulls a fresh one out of the cabinet and inspects it...    "Hey, they even give you a battery......I bet it's dead though"..... 

SalesAss: So I get a free battery?

X: Ha!  Do I look like Santa Claus?  I'm selling this thing cheap because I want to get rid of it, and you're hounding me about the crappy dollar store battery?  You know you're going to just plug it into 120V anyway.

SalesAss:  Yeah,  but I wanted a free battery.....

X:  Wish in one hand.........    see which fills up first.

Then we both had a good laugh and I was on my way. 
It was nice to be able to make a few jokes,  get what I needed, and not have to worry about a "protection plan"  and a big bunch of sales pitches on needed accesories.  I just got what I wanted, and had a good time getting it.   

Guitar Center Sucks...  It has for a long time, and keeps sucking more day after day.
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