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Author Topic: Why in the hell do people rip so bad on Peavey....  (Read 5281 times)
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« on: May 25, 2012, 07:29:59 AM »

Damn... I'm having a bad day...   so pardon my rant.

I've got a fair amount of Peavey stuff around, and I'm a little pissed about some of the arrogant wind bags that dog it before I even fire any of it up.   If you haven't yet heard the bloody thing, why are you gonna call it a Richard!?

Anyway, before I have to do any bum kicking,  I won't claim my Peavey stuff is the dog's bollocks, but it gets the job done at a decent price.  If you've got a decent ear, it can work for you.   I swear, since Peavey is priced for the worker and not the king, all the snobs come in and start their flame throwing.  Here's my flame back...    It's pretty damn good for the money.

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« Reply #1 on: April 07, 2016, 04:45:36 AM »

What survives Nuclear fallout?

#1. ****roaches
#2. Peavey Amps of the 70's and 80's.

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  Back in the stone age when I was a teen playing in local bands, Peavey was all the rage. And why not? They were sturdy, well built, and they sounded great. Many is the time that I lugged my Peavey SP-3 speakers and the 12 channel (50lb) Peavey mixing board down to the local bar to play. That was back when bodybuilding and playing music had to go hand in hand because the technology was pretty heavy. Everyone had a Peavy amp back then, If you couldn't afford a Fender Twin Reverb, or went out and got a Peavey at a fraction of the price and it sounded stellar. And I even knew guys that would buy the expensive Fender amps and put  Peavey speakers in them because they thought the Peavey put out the best speakers available at the time. Peavey put out great equipment at that time.
 Actually, I still own a Peavey P.A. that I use for smaller venues. I also have a Peavey mixer running into my external sound card in my recording studio. The P.A. (Peavey Escort) is just fine for smaller gigs. Got lots of power, and delivers a clean sound. But it's not very sturdy and lacks any kind of phantom power which was always a staple in all Peavey P.A. systems back in the day. On one of my first gigs with it, I broke off one of the volume sliders simply by bumping it. When I say I knocked it off, I mean the whole slider arm came off, not just the knob. It was made out of cheap plastic. Not like the older Peavey stuff that was made out of zinc and steel. Now a days I use a toothpick to adjust that volume level.
 A year or so ago, I came across some Peavey guitar amps. As has happened with all amps, they went into the integrated amp business. They were putting out amps that had all of the multi effects processing built into them. This does not bother me at all as I almost exclusively play solid state amps (have for many years), and I have used rack effects since the mid eighties. I am very much a tech driven guitar player. So I sat down to try one of these amps out. The first one I looked at was a 2X12" combo @ 100W or something like that. It was over in a corner and I needed to move it to a power supply. As I picked it up....I nearly fell over because I expected it to have some weight to it. It was the lightest and flimsiest amp I had ever picked up. It actually felt like a low quality amp. I plugged it in and messed around with the knobs, effects, and whatever and I was very disappointed. This was not the Peavey I use to know.
 I have owned Line6 amps (hated em), I have played Crate (God I hated them), and several other low end brands. I've used them mostly for practice amps because I wanted something small that would deliver multi effects. But the Peaveys that I played that day was much worse than any of those other cheap amps. The tone was so thin and the effects were so plastic sounding that the amp was virtually unplayable. I was kind of shocked at the terrible noises resonating from those amps.
  I endorsed Laney amps back in the 80's (still have a few of them), and I use the Fender Mustang V for a lot gigs. Saves me from lugging rack gear around. For my solo gigs I have Fender GDec amps. They get a very good processed sound and do not lose any tone when I run them through a P.A. All in all, I'm a big fan of the Fender multiprocessor series amps. I can play Jazz and get tube tones, or I can metalize and get serious bone crushing distortion.   both of these little home made vids were recorded using a Fender GDec. Bad recording aside (Was fooling around), the Fender line of amps delivers an awesome array of sounds.
 Somewhere along the way Peavey must have decided to go the elcheapo rout and just make substandard amps. Their quality has gone down to the point that much of their P.A. stuff is on par with Behringer. That's pretty bad.
 Too bad considering that I loved my old Peavey equipment from the days of old!!!   Actually, this is a much higher quality recording. That's a Fender GDec.
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