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Author Topic: Do you know this guy?  (Read 4314 times)
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Guitar Center Mullet

They refer to their guitar as their "axe". They know hundreds of "riffs" but cannot play 1 entire song (No, Stairway to Heaven does not count). When showing off how "rad" they "shred" at the guitar, they use a technique called Finger Tapping. (This is basically touching as many strings with as many fingers as fast as possible) This creates that classic metal sound that Eddie Van Halen made famous in the 80's.The hunter that sent this in said that mullet went to a guitar school in L.A. Many people have high hopes of "making it" in L.A., so there are these technical schools just for the guitar. Prerequisites to enter this particular school are rockin' gear like leather pants and a dangly cross earring. Mullets and Miami Vice style jackets are only for the truly dedicated who are willing to go all the way. They may not necessarily be prerequisites, but they are key accessories that do NOT go unnoticed. His confident, excited stance indicates this might be a graduation pic from the "school".

*I almost forgot, they tend to change their real names to really bad rockstar names like "Nikki Sixx Shooter" or "Ricky Rocket".

Guitar Center Sucks...  It has for a long time, and keeps sucking more day after day.
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