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Author Topic: What's all the drama about?  (Read 2851 times)
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Just kind of musing here...
I really don't get why so much employee drama exists in and around GC. I worked at GC full time for 3.5 years and quit back in 2012 because I decided to go back to school and get a Masters.
Yes, working at GC sucks, and yes, I am way happier now, as is just about everyone I know who no longer works there.
But so what? All GC is is a sh-tty retail job, that's it. In the 3.5 years I worked there, it felt like North Korea the entire time. People whispering and plotting and being legitimately terrified of getting written up or fired. People coming up with secret languages and code words. People ENDLESSLY lamenting for the days when GC payed well and when more of the employees were knowledgeable about gear. People in torment and anguish about a job that pays barely more than min. wage. I never understood the massive amounts of self-inflicted stress and suffering that existed inside that building.
Yes, you get to be around musicians and gear, but working GC is pretty much the exact same as working at Best Buy or Staples. I never expected it to be anything more than a sh-tty retail job and, by that standard, it was actually an ok job to spend a few years at while I figured myself out and now I'm off to something better.
Work there if it's worth it, and quit when it's no longer worth it anymore. It's that simple.
I'll close with a classic GC sales line - It is what it is.
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