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Author Topic: My little story....  (Read 1056 times)
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« on: March 10, 2018, 09:56:09 PM »

Well, here goes, and I'm glad I found this site.

Me: about 60 years young.  That's right, an old fart, but... I still play my guitars!

Guitar Center:  a band of idiots

So here's what went down...

I went to GC, looking for an SG, or Les Paul... not top of the line, just a player for me right now, since I lost a lot of items to the ex.

Ended up playing a LP Tribuite, it was ok, but I can do all my setups and minor fixes myself (aka nut slots, soldering, etc etc). 

Here's where the fun started. 

They were having a sale - got the Tribute for $749 - a good price, yeah, I know, don't complain

So at the point of sale, the sales dweeb says "give me a second, I'll be back with the right gig bag and paperwork"... and he takes the guitar to the back someplace.  A few minutes later, he comes out, with a guitar in a gig bag, opens the bag on the counter for me to have a look.  Then he says, wait that switch tip isn't right... takes it off, goes to the wall, grabs another and installs it. 

I'm like WTF?  He said it was cracked (BS), but wouldn't show me.   I didn't make a big deal out of it.  I should have.

So I get home, play the guitar... somethings not right. 

Switched 'em in the back!  The guitar I got was obviously not right.  The pickup covers were dented, and when I tried to adjust a pole piece, found out they had been unsoldered and replaced by just pressing them in place.  In fact.... they were not Gibson covers, but Epi (or far east) covers that didn't match the pole spacing.  Strings were not a correct set either, something like .010, .010, .012, .026, .036, .036 ... two doubled up sizes, one oddball size.

Checked the bill - he did it after the switch, the serial number was correct.   

So, I go back to the store, and say "this aint right", and lo... the guitar I played, and  remembered the two swirls in the wood by... up on the wall.

I complain.  No good, the guitar I'm bringing back is not right, its been altered.  I get the person who said "they could speak for the manager", same story.

Well.... I left pissed, was gonna contact my card company in the AM.   

The next day, I get a call... the case I ordered was in.  I ordered a Gator hard shell for the guitar.  It came in.  Since it was paid for, I went down and picked it up. 

As it goes, there were TWO gator cases, in a master box.  The sales dweeb gets "my box".  I open it while he's busy, two cases.  Hmm.  I closed the box.  He says "we're all set".   I left the store.

Anyone want a brand new Gator case?

So sitting down, I asked myself, how bad is this really.

The guitar had the wrong tailpiece (chrome, with nickel adjusters), wrong bridge (ABR-1 that somehow was on Nashville thimble adjusters), and the wrong bs covers.  Went back to GC, as a glutton for punishment... asked about covers.  See the tech.  I go to the tech.  He hands me two chrome covers for Epi.  I told him... no, Nickel for USA spacing 490R/490T.   Tech says... "they all fit".  No, I explain I want nickel, not chrome and USA spacing.  Tech says... "nickel is really hard to get, we had to take a set off a guitar on the wall last week".   Mystery solved.

So then as I ask him, "you took the tailpiece too", and his reply - was that you who wanted the nickel parts?

I walked out.

Ended up getting parts - at a discount without asking - from Sam Ash locally.  And the dweebs are a bit less dweebie, more professional, or at least seemingly more caring about my desires as a customer.  So, I got a extra case (screw you GC, like you screwed me!).  Had to spend half the price of the free case to get the correct parts.  Strings are a wash anyway, and I did get the obligatory "free set" with the guitar.

And the LP plays great now, looks great too with the right parts on it.

I'm not too upset about the deal, I could have backed out via card company.  Its a good guitar. 

ITS THE BS TACTICS, THE BLATENT LIES, THE "SCREW THE CUSTOMER" attitude and actions that have me never, ever, going back to GC.

I wouldn't buy a pick from 'em (hey I play with my fingers anyway!)
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« Reply #1 on: March 17, 2018, 04:27:57 AM »

Sounds about right.  I've ended up fixing some GC messes in our shop here.   Sam Ash is kind of a drive from where I am,  but I don't really have too much bad to say about them.    Most of the time,  I'm at our indie shops around the city.

Guitar Center Sucks...  It has for a long time, and keeps sucking more day after day.
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