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Author Topic: GC AND THE CUSTOMERS SUCK  (Read 1657 times)
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« on: September 14, 2016, 10:40:11 PM »

Guitar center is the biggest music retailer in the country. The people up top treat there employees poorly and over pay the wrong people. It's like any corporation. They're taking out good gear people want and are replacing it with ****ty proprietary lights and guitars no one wants. As much as guitar center sucks the customers are just as bad. I haven't heard a valid or intelligent complaint on this entire forum. " i realized my acoustic was cracked 6 months later" though you didn't take care of it. Imagine if you could break everything in 6 months and bring it back. that would work out for everyone right? everyone is obsessed with supporting local mom and pop shops right? so what do you do when your 100 dollars in cables flop on the road and you're on the other side of the country? nothing you're sol. want to demo PA speakers? there's only sam ash and guitar center for that... good luck at the local 10 guitar and two pack of string shop. I understand not loving guitar center but if you understand what to and what not to buy there and how to utilize the amount of locations and 45 day returnable used gear you'll be killing it. sam ash doesn't even black light or authenticate there vintage......Small shops don't offer pro coverage do they? so when your friend knocks your les paul over who's giving you 3k back? no one. the problem with guitar center is for how many stores there are the variety is limited. the problem with the customers is there arguments are not valid. you can't complain about pro coverage when you own a cell phone with the same insurance. when you break your phone you pay for a new one even with insurance. with pro coverage its a one time fee and you get full money and tax back. it's also global so if you break your guitar in england you'll be getting a check. how rough. there are dumb people that work everywhere and guitar center has a boring inventory but seriously no one on this forum actually knows what they are talking about. sincerely NEO the only one
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