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Author Topic: How do I hate GC...let me enumerate the ways....  (Read 1003 times)
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« on: February 20, 2018, 07:50:31 PM »

OH. My. Guard, this company is so hosed up.1. Ordered an Alesis Nitro drum set (Drums, rack, headphones, throne and drum sticks) on 12/19/2017. Did not notice the item would not be available until 1/23/2018. Finally noticed when it would be available. Ok, thats on me. So called up around 19 Jan, as the available date showed that it was available. Now, order tracking showed order was made, and accepted. (BTW, their website sucks when it comes to after they get your money.   Shocked Shocked  Shocked...more on that later.) Anyhow, I called and much to my surprise, they saw my order, and after much looking etc, they found out that the reason they hadn't shipped my bunder was that the pair of drumsticks wasn't at the warehouse yet. More on hold time Roll Eyes and the CSR said that he got the warehouse to ship the set anyway, and it would go out that day or the next. Ok, fine. 7 days later (Not having faith in the 3 day express shipping that they said they gave me) no drums Shocked . Called up. Checking this and that, all while I am on hold. Undecided This time its some variation on left hand not speaking to right. finally get to 'Mr H, found issue, going out today or tomorrow' This all around 5 feb. GUESS WHAT!?!?!?!? Shocked Still a problem, and its on back order...AGAIN. And they cannot explain why I can go on ebay and the same.exact.set will ship  Cheesy TODAY!!!. and GC cannot find its ass with both hands. Called today and finally find out the problem. a. the order their system.  Roll Eyes To make it worse, for reasons they cannot figure out, or won't share with me, they don't know WHY it didn't let them or me know that there was an issue (oh, and as far as emails go, it appears that they DON'T have a problem sending me at least one email per day advertising one thing or another  Shocked ) and WHY did my order get 'stuck'? Well, apparently they don't know how to bill paypal. Paypal never sent me anything saying that there was an issue. GC never sent me an email saying there was an issue. I guess Im supposed to ESP the computer to know whats going on. GC, apparently, doesn't seem to know. So, canxd the order, went on ebay, got same system,cheaper, better warrenty, and they said it'll be here friday. And I got an email later on that said it shipped.

One thing I want to make clear. The CSRs were all uniformly polite, and seemed to do everything they could to fix the issue. It wasn't until I forced the issue to management that I found out what the problem really was.

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