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Author Topic: What a bunch of clowns.  (Read 276 times)
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« on: June 28, 2019, 10:06:11 PM »

So placed an order for an in-store guitar I really liked. Instead of buying in the store I decided to just order it online like a previous guitar and picked it up the same day. Well come to find out you don't actually get that specific one.. even though it says pickup today right on the ****ing page.. Decided to go in a couple hours later and work this out. The employees there try to talk some bull**** about how to just pay for it again! and we'll cancel the other one whenever it comes in. Hahahah like I'm going to dish out a couple hundred dollars again and maybe hope these idiot employees will refund my money.. All the men have these egos there and act like you're annoying them. Is this really what the music industry has become in the United States? Only the female employees seem to have any practical customer service skills.

Pretty pissed off but guess I should have known it was a "demo guitar" and the only way to get those sorts of guitars is to get off your ass and go in the store. The website sucks and so does their service. We'll see what sort of condition this "new" guitar is in when it actually arrives. If the weight is different or it's marked up worse than the demo guitar.. I'll get a refund and then shop at Sweetwater instead.

Avoid these clowns.
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